who is she?

Get to know Twaambo

As we get to know each other better ( well, as I tell all of my business on the podcast ) , I would love to tell you more about who I am, what I do and why I am here.

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What is the podcast about? It's all about asking questions you never thought about before.

HI! I'm Twaambo, host of Tea time with Twaambo podcast.
I started this podcast because I noticed a pattern in my relationships, my behaviour and even in the way I spent money.

I started to ask myself hard questions and found that when I asked the same questions to my friends, they too had never thought about why they did the things they did.

I'm here to help you figure out how to deal with the unrest you feel, the fear of failure and teach you how to forge forward like the strong person you know you are!
It's nice to meet you! 

Its all about honesty

Its very difficult to notice aspects of ourselves that cause problems and keep us from reaching our full potential if we can’t see ourselves clearly.
This is why we are here.

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Twaambo Writer

I love all kinds of nerdy things, Korean food (Kpop, Kdrama) and the New Yorker magzine. If you can't find me on my computer, I might be hanging out with fabulous friends or somewhere out in discovering a new city.