Tea time With Twaambo

The podcast was born out of self reflection and self compassion.
Now Twaambo teaches you how to identify and face your inner roadblocks head on, for clearer decision making.

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Public Speaking

Twaambo is an energetic speaker and author with an engaging and unique point of view.She works to rid millennial's of the fear and shame that comes with changing jobs and joining the creative industry, and facilitates workshops, to help Students,Creatives and 'normal employees' thrive in their creative work.

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If the creative team is not having fun and fear being criticised, you'll have a lot of bad ideas on the table,

Twaambo Kapilikisha
Team Work

Sharing knowledge and growing together.

Looking for ideas for film, music videos , tv and digital advertising? In combining my knowledge and work force we will build something that is clear, minimal and works for a wide range of markets and audiences with great visuals and clear message.

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There is great work that comes out of both teams trusting that the agreed upon message will be delivered in the creative work.

Twaambo Kapilikisha

Thriving using our creative talents as Africans.

Thinking about creative young Africans, who are confused about a creative career and do not know where to begin,this workbook offers the first steps in discovering creative talents and how to start creating and collaborating. I believe that the creative force of Africa must be harnessed to improve the lives of Africans, on the continent and abroad.

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What you can expect A speaker who can teaches the audience how to relate better to the person next to them.

There is nothing like motivated employees or students who are comfortable in their own skin and relate to each other in an empathic way.

In order to achieve this I will listen to your needs, your wishes and concerns.

My goal is to help the audience shift from negative self talk, insecurity and defensiveness into empathy, courage + clarity and in a way that is entertaining, inspiring and unforgettable.


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